Missy Whiteman, Indigenous media advocate, photographer, visual
artist, graphic designer and filmmaker.
Missy belongs to the Arapaho and Kickapoo nations and understands her
work to be a voice for her ancestors—to educate and to foster better
understanding among all peoples as well as to promote change in Native
and non-Native other communities.
While based in part on traditional ways and ideas, her work also
addresses themes of loss in relation to larger cultural forces as well
as the process of healing and redefining cultural identity.Missy grew up in a family of artists where her early roots stem from
the visual arts.  At a young age, she began acting in local
productions in the Twin Cities area and continued until her early
twenties.  After witnessing a lack of role models for Native youth and
inaccurate history and representation being taught, she pursued
filmmaking and became a director and producer.Missy recently took the transition from working with young Native
people to learn the aspects of filmmaking and media arts, to a
consultant and business owner.

Independent Indigenous Film & Media is a for-profit company that
specializes in media production, training and design.
IIFM’s mission is to help educate, and create  more visibility for
individuals and institutions by providing media production, training
and personalized media hub designs.
Her significant other and business partner, Michael Wilson (Ojibwe)
is also well versed in media production and is also a music producer
and audio engineer.
Here is an amazing music video, Indigenous Holocaust, Missy produced!

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